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A Mind-Set for Growth

One of the main reasons aspiring entrepreneurs are unable to embark on the journey of changing the world is their mind-set. As Carol Dweck recommends in her book Mindset, to change your mind-set from a fixed to a growth one, you should imagine what actions you will take, how you will take them and when you will take them.

The New Design Thinking Approach

Design Thinking is a human-centered design approach that starts with understanding the needs of the stakeholders (desirability) and brings the viability and feasibility aspects together

Mind-sets for Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a process that is best practiced with the following mind-sets

◾ Mindful of process
◾ Culture of prototyping
◾ Show, don’t tell
◾ Radical collaboration
◾ Bias toward action

Have a Better Understanding of the Problem before Thinking of the Solution

Contrary to the traditional approach where the proposition starts with a solution in mind, Design Thinking is based on exploring the problem first, before even thinking about a solution. Every business starts with a hunch. The founder has an idea for the business which is generally a solution looking for a problem. Design Thinking helps explore the problem space by employing a wider lens first as the team looks from the perspective of the user, who is the main stakeholder that will benefit from the idea. To have a common understanding of the problem faced by the key user, it is important to look at the problem from different perspectives and wider lenses. This helps frame the problem from the user’s context before narrowing focus on the key problem for the user.

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