Influence Authority – Soft Tactics Vs. Hard Tactics

When it comes to wielding influence from a position of authority, the strategies people use tend to fall into one of two main categories: soft tactics and hard tactics.  Soft tactics are strategies that are either inspirational or consultative in nature. The influence from this kind of strategy stems from elements within the person who […]

Strategy and Practice for Building a Strategic Website for your Business

The good news is that, nothing is really different from what we designers have had to deal with since the beginning of the Web. In this case, the technology has just improved and made it easier for us to deal with these variations.  The first step in developing a responsive website (and one that can […]

A Mind-Set for Growth

One of the main reasons aspiring entrepreneurs are unable to embark on the journey of changing the world is their mind-set. As Carol Dweck recommends in her book Mindset, to change your mind-set from a fixed to a growth one, you should imagine what actions you will take, how you will take them and when […]

Change – Shaping Strategy For Your Small Business

Change is an accepted consequence of modern life. Indeed, the phrase – ‘change is the only certainty’ – has become something of a business mantra. All organizations are subject to increasing levels of change. We can view change in terms of cyclical change and evolutionary change. Cyclical change involves variation that is repetitive and often […]