Strategic Intelligence: The Core of Executive Decision Making

When people first hear the term strategic intelligence (SI), they think of military or defense intelligence. Even though the roots of SI may have been with the military, the essence of SI applies to all organizations — that is, how organizations can improve their strategic decision-making process. To help reduce this risk, executives can use […]

A Mind-Set for Growth

One of the main reasons aspiring entrepreneurs are unable to embark on the journey of changing the world is their mind-set. As Carol Dweck recommends in her book Mindset, to change your mind-set from a fixed to a growth one, you should imagine what actions you will take, how you will take them and when […]

Change – Shaping Strategy For Your Small Business

Change is an accepted consequence of modern life. Indeed, the phrase – ‘change is the only certainty’ – has become something of a business mantra. All organizations are subject to increasing levels of change. We can view change in terms of cyclical change and evolutionary change. Cyclical change involves variation that is repetitive and often […]

Narrow Your Focus – The Law Of Contraction

A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus. Every small town in America has a deli. In larger cities and towns, you can often find delis in every neighborhood. So what can you find to eat in a deli? Everything. Soups, salads, hot and cold sandwiches, three types of roast beef, four types of […]

Change Your Company Mindset

Customer Experience (CX) Mindset Change: Mean It Many firms have ill-defined their purpose, usually mentioning terms like we want to be loved or most trusted. The problem with this is that without clear directionality, how can your brand execute the right behaviors? For instance, I worked with one Indian firm that clearly stated their intent: […]

Protection of People

Often the most vulnerable aspect of your enterprise is not your technology systems, instead it’s the weaknesses introduced by staff that are often the hardest to find yet the most harmful. Your staff might be simply unaware of what their security obligations are, or they might be complacent about security controls or internal procedures because […]


A decision support system (DSS) is a computer-based system, almost always interactive, designed to assist a manager (or another decision maker) in making decisions. A DSS incorporates both data and models to help a decision maker solve a problem, especially a problem that is not well structured. The data are often extracted from a transaction […]