Bridging the Risk Gaps Among Security, Operations, and Business Leadership

In most organizations, the responsibility for protecting against vulnerabilities falls on the shoulders of two teams:  This dynamic creates a tendency to approach vulnerability management “by the numbers.” For example, the vulnerability management team in the security organization might determine that several vulnerabilities in Apache web servers pose a very high risk to the business […]

Strategy and Practice for Building a Strategic Website for your Business

The good news is that, nothing is really different from what we designers have had to deal with since the beginning of the Web. In this case, the technology has just improved and made it easier for us to deal with these variations.  The first step in developing a responsive website (and one that can […]


WHAT STOPS PEOPLE FROM BUYING ONLINE? A lack of trust and face-to-face interaction prevents many people from purchasing online. It’s a known fact that consumers require a greater level of trust and confidence when buying online than face to face. When you’re dealing with an unknown shop selling products of unknown quality, trust plays a […]


When it comes to trust, psychologists make a distinction between two different types: cognitive and affective. Cognitive trust is knowledge-driven and, in this case, refers to your customers’ confidence in the reliability and competence of your service. When it comes to online shopping, this kind of trust stems from your customers’ previous experiences with your […]

Protection of Systems – Secure Development Business Processes

Secure Development  The information security manager’s role in systems and software development is key. You will be required to ensure that the output from any development projects running in your organization (or outsourced to a third-party development company) is secure, whether they are creating a new line-of-business application or a new infrastructure capability . “But […]

Protection of Systems – What is Malware

Introducing Malware When we read about hacking in the news, we usually hear that massive corporates or government departments have been breached and some kind of corporate database has been stolen. We truly live in the age of the data breach , were hackers break into an organization’s infrastructure and purloin millions of records of […]


The concept of a strategy is often used to describe the way the business will grow or develop over a long period of time with a number of specific targets it wants to achieve: grow by 30%, establish a 55% market dominance, expand into Europe or Australia, and so forth. Strategic targets are often pitched […]

It’s Not Just About Technology: The People Side of Digitization

Anything that can be digitized will be digitized! The process of digitization affects almost everything in today’s organizations and puts huge pressure on these to change. Therefore, it is crucial for leaders to understand the implications of digitization on their organization and employees. Digitization not only changes the way of working, it also accelerates the […]

What is Competitive Intelligence?

CI – Competitive Intelligence Competitive intelligence (CI) has something of an image problem. The term conjures up an image of elicit activities involving private detectives, telephoto lenses and hidden microphones. While such images are not completely unappealing, they are far removed from the truth. Put simply, CI is a structured, ethical and legal process designed […]