Strategy and Practice for Building a Strategic Website for your Business

The good news is that, nothing is really different from what we designers have had to deal with since the beginning of the Web. In this case, the technology has just improved and made it easier for us to deal with these variations.  The first step in developing a responsive website (and one that can […]


WHAT STOPS PEOPLE FROM BUYING ONLINE? A lack of trust and face-to-face interaction prevents many people from purchasing online. It’s a known fact that consumers require a greater level of trust and confidence when buying online than face to face. When you’re dealing with an unknown shop selling products of unknown quality, trust plays a […]


When it comes to trust, psychologists make a distinction between two different types: cognitive and affective. Cognitive trust is knowledge-driven and, in this case, refers to your customers’ confidence in the reliability and competence of your service. When it comes to online shopping, this kind of trust stems from your customers’ previous experiences with your […]

Protection of Systems – What is Malware

Introducing Malware When we read about hacking in the news, we usually hear that massive corporates or government departments have been breached and some kind of corporate database has been stolen. We truly live in the age of the data breach , were hackers break into an organization’s infrastructure and purloin millions of records of […]

Communicating persuasively

Communicating persuasively may be a tricky art to perfect, but when it’s done properly, the payoff can be huge, which is why marketing campaigns continue to siphon off huge amounts of corporate money every year. If you want your message to reach and influence your target audience there is one golden rule you must follow: […]