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Change – Shaping Strategy For Your Small Business

Change is an accepted consequence of modern life. Indeed, the phrase – ‘change is the only certainty’ – has become something of a business mantra. All organizations are subject to increasing levels of change. We can view change in terms of cyclical change and evolutionary change. Cyclical change involves variation that is repetitive and often predictable (e.g. seasonal variation in demand or fluctuation in economic circumstances). Evolutionary change involves a more fundamental shift. It may mean sudden innovation or a gradual ‘creeping’ process. Either way, the result can have drastic consequences for strategic development.

Given that strategic management is concerned with moving the organization to some future desired state, which has been defined in terms of a small business vision and small business -wide issues, it is important to see the concept of ‘change’ as an integral part of strategy. We can examine this in terms of the following questions: (i) What drives change? (ii) How does change impact our markets/business environment? (iii) What is the result of change in the organization’s strategy?

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