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Cyber Security

Cyber Security For Websites and Professional Emails

Digital Security is the protection of one’s digital personality, as it represents the physical identity on the network you are operating on or the internet service in use. Data security is both the practice and the technology of protecting valuable and sensitive company and customer data, such as personal or financial information.

Website Cyber Security

Email Cyber Security

Cyber Security Strategy

Small Business Cyber Security

Anti-Spam for websites

-Anti-Spam plugin for WordPress
-Anti-Spam plugins for any CMS
-Spam FireWall

Security for websites

-Security plugin for WordPress
-Security plugin for any CMS
-Malware Web Scanner


-Blacklists Database
-Email Checker
-Report IP

Email Security

Email security is a process of predicting, preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks.

Cyber Insurance

Secure your business against cyber threats, the easy way

Other services for websites

-Uptime Monitoring
-SSL Certificates
-CSR Generator
-My IP Info


Free security & risk prevention

Peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring to prevent cyber incidents before they happen, and security experts on standby. Completely free.

Threat Monitor

Always scanning for new risks, and alerting you If anything suspicious happens.

24/7 Helpline

Dedicated team of cybersecurity experts, available to speak to, day or night.

Credential Monitor

The gatekeeper to alert you if your logins or passwords are compromised.

Best-in-class cyber insurance

Protect your business with up to $250K in liability damages, including legal costs, damage repair, and regulatory fines.

Network & Data Liabilities

Cover for cost of compromised customer data, including legal defense and damages.

Regulatory Penalties

Cover for legal defense costs, regulatory fines and penalties.

Breach Response Costs

Cover for legal, forensic, PR, and customer notification costs, plus credit monitoring.


Website Security

Email Security

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