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Experience Tour – I want to clarify my priorities by learning from first hand experiences

What is it & why should I do it?

Going on an Experience Tour means immersing yourself totally in a particular environment so you can gain a first-hand perspective of the situation or context. Experience Tours can help ‘ground’ your thinking ; they give you a clear perspective for developing ideas that are intimately connected with the people you’re working for. 

This tool provides a structure for reflecting upon and collecting insights from your first hand experiences. There are guidelines to help you focus on the experiences of the people you are trying to understand, and to collect the type of materials you will need afterwards to start developing ideas.

How to use it?

Experience Tours are a good way to spark inspirations by learning first-hand about what makes a great experience – or even what not to do, in the event that you encounter a negative experience. As going on an Experience Tour often means being out and about, it may be difficult to make structured notes on a worksheet. Take a good look at the questions on the worksheet before you go out to get some prompts on the things to look out for. 

You can either fill out the worksheet as the Experience Tour progresses, or use it to jot down quick reminders and then sit down later to fill in all the details. The idea is to really try and reflect upon the experience and understand the deeper layers – think about how it made you feel, as well as exactly what happened. You can complete one worksheet for every tour you make and later compare these to find relevant connections or even differences. 

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