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Authenticity is about how you come across to others. When what you say is in alignment with what you do and who you are, others perceive you as authentic. Authenticity comes from speaking in a conversational tone with an intention to communicate from your heart to the other person’s heart. Contrast this with the opposite qualities of phoniness, hype, or falseness. Are you looking with your prospects to determine if your offering may be a fit or are you trying to sell him something he has no interest in considering?

Believability results from authentic communication and actions that display integrity. People who are believable avoid hype and exaggeration. They tell the truth responsibly, even when it becomes uncomfortable to do so. They follow through on the commitments they make and value their reputation over the convenience of saying or doing what’s expedient at the moment.

Using the following list as a memory jogger, identify the top five qualities of a successful leader and business partner that would most impact your success.

Qualities of an Effective Leader in Business
• Authentic
• Disciplined
• Focused
• Believable
• Visionary
• Supportive
• Inspirational
• Does Not Take Rejection Personally
• Has Enthusiastic and Contagious Belief Level
• Interested in Personal Growth and Development
• Has High Level of Physical Energy
• Willing to Contribute to Others
• Has Integrity
• Can Make and Keep Commitments
• Compassionate
• Sensitive
• Organized
• At Peace
• Persistent
• Consistent
• Teachable
• Empowers Others
• Ambitious
• Committed
• Entrepreneurial
• Team Player
• Confident
• Powerful
• Vulnerable
• Willing to Sacrifice for the Future
• Able to Bond with Others
• Positive, Upbeat Attitude
• Burning Desire to Succeed
• Follows Up and Follows Through
• Positive Expectation
• Works in Partnership
• Interested in Others
• Doesn’t Dump Information
• Proactive—Takes Initiative
• Good Communication Skills
• Positive Expectation
• Committed
• Good Self-Image
• Intuitive
• Empathetic
• Happy to Serve
• Genuinely Humble
• Good Listener

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