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Join Us in Giving Back to Our Community!

At 360 Degrees Group Inc, we believe in the power of giving back and making a positive impact in our community. We are excited to announce our upcoming Events/Initiatives/Partnerships and invite you to join us in this meaningful endeavor.

How You Can Help These Great Organizations:

We would love for you to be a part of this effort. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Spread the Word

Why It Matters:

Giving back is at the heart of our company values. By participating in this initiative, you’re not only helping those in need but also strengthening our community bonds and fostering a culture of care and compassion.

Thank You!

We are grateful for your support and enthusiasm. Together, we can make a real difference. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Organizations/Fundraisers We Support 


Our mission is to provide education, services, and resources to professionals, victims, and survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking with a direct focus on at-risk youth.

Learn More @ https://uniqueblessings.org/ 

The Konnected Foundation Inc

Was Created In 2012 As A Response To The Growing Impact Experienced With The Onset Of The Queen City Awards- The Largest Participated Celebration Of Local Entertainment Since 2005.

Learn more @ https://thekonnectedfoundationinc.com/ 

Jstp College Prep

Jstp College Prep Is An Inclusive Program For All High School Students. With A Focus On The Most Pivotal Years Of High School, The Program Serves As An Outlet To Help Reduce The Stress Of The College Admission Process By Providing Students With The Necessary Resources And The Exposure Needed To Combat The Uneasiness Of The Admission Process.

Learn More @ https://www.jstpcollegeprep.com/ 


Home4Me mission is to be a voice for teens in foster care providing Hope, Opportunities, Mentoring, Education (HOME); and a sense of family while taking the concerns of homelessness for those aging out of the foster care system. We believe that every teen aging out of foster care should have the same options as a youth with parents.

Learn More @ https://home4me.org/ 


BHH is a community based organization. We intend to help in the community from young adults to adults. Byron Morant will be ahead of the young men & Brandice Barnes ahead of the young women.

Learn More @ https://bshelpinghand.org/ 

Believers Today

Believers Today provides helping and healing services for our veterans. We are dedicated to serving by providing affordable housing and trauma healing through the power of fellowship and music therapy. These brave men and women have sacrificed their own personal interest and safety to fight for our freedom.

Learn More @ https://believerstoday.org/ 

The LES Foundation

We serve under-resourced, underserved individuals and families in marginalized (often disenfranchised) communities that are struggling to find pathways to healthy productive lives.

Learn More @ https://www.lecharity.org/ 

100Fathers Inc.

Active fatherhood fosters emotional development, boosts self-esteem, and promotes academic success. Involved fathers provide stability, security, and positive male role models, shaping their children into confident, well-rounded individuals. This intentional engagement leads to a lower risk of incarceration and substance abuse, resulting in better communities.

Learn More @ https://100fathers.org/ 

Queen City Awards

Queen City Awards is a charity event that gives recognition to the great talent housed right here in the Carolinas, while also raising money to help create scholarships for kids throughout the area.

Learn More @ https://queencityawards.com/ 

On Common Grounds

“On Common Grounds” is launching the 2016 “Transitional Key” Campaign to open the House of Bell. With your contribution you will receive a transitional key plaque showing that you have contributed to a key being given to a family to transition from homelessness to a home.

Learn More @ https://ocgnc.org/ 


“Building a strong sense of community by promoting the businesses, organizations, and events in the city; Championing diversity and inclusion through culture and celebration.

Learn More @ https://5thstreetdistrict.org/

The Gray Holiday Ball (formerly The Gray Holiday Party)

Herb & Felicia Gray believe in giving back to the community, a guiding principle and family tradition that has lead them to raise over $1.5 million for local charities, programs and agencies in recent years. 

Learn More @ https://thegrayholidayball.com/ 

Fundraisers To Support

Krispy Kreme Digital Dozens Supporting Unique Blessings Non Profit Organization

Have you claimed YOUR dozens? 🍩 We’re half way through the Unique Blessings Non Profit Organization Digital Dozens fundraising campaign, which means there are 16 days left to purchase your doughnuts! You can help us hit our campaign goal of 100 dozens 🤩 by ordering your perfectly glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts here:

Join us for an evening of compassion and empowerment at the Unique Blessings Let’s Heal Together 3rd annual Gala. 

As a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and offering support to youth and families impacted by trauma related domestic violence and human trafficking, Unique Blessings has been making a difference. Thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors, including community partners, private donors, and local government, we’ve been able to provide essential resources and services to youth and families. Our programs offer supportive services and victim assistance that includes workforce development.

Life Enhancement Services Foundation (LESF) founded by Herb and Felicia Gray, graciously announces Block Love Charlotte as the 2024 Gray Holiday Ball 501c3 nonprofit partner. On December 21st, LESF will donate proceeds to Block Love CLT from the 13th annual holiday event.

Block Love Charlotte, lead by Executive Director, Deborah Phillips, operates a Day Service Center as well as community grassroots outreach throughout the streets of Charlotte serving our houseless neighbors every single day. As of today, they have served over two million meals since 2020 including during the entirety of the pandemic. This includes daily evening meal service in uptown Charlotte, supplies to Northlake, Brookshire, N. Tryon and Sugar Creek blocks, free grocery giveaways every 2nd and 4th Saturdays, community events, and efforts in other cities such as Atlanta, Houston, and Jacksonville, Florida.

The Queen City Awards are the perfect way to show your appreciation and support for the local business, people and entertainment industry. We honor those who have made great contributions to their communities and the entertainment industry, from rock to hip hop. We recognize the hard work, dedication and creativity of all performers and provide a platform to celebrate their success.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the Queen City Awards go towards our Konnected To Excellence Scholarship Program, which helps support budding talent in the entertainment industry.

This event is put on by our non profit The Konnected Foundation Inc. Help us to recognize and reward those that make our community proud, and support a great cause!

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