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Charlotte, NC — 12/06/2021= — Strategic Technology Solutions You Can Trust today announced it has  become a Constant Contact Partner. 360 Degrees Group, Inc. will now be able to provide its clients  access to Constant Contact’s online marketing platform and additional marketing services to help  them reach current customers and find new ones in all the places that matter: email, social, mobile,  and web. 

360 Degrees Group Inc. is a Business Process Management (BPM) firm in Technology, Infrastructure, & Systems. We have over 66 years of combined experience backing us in the Business Eco-Systems. We offer a variety of services that will help you build relationships with new customers & build a stronger connection with your current customers. We believe in providing you a service you can trust.

We fuse Design, Development, Branding, Advertising, Technology Infrastructure and Your Vision into your brand, putting your business over the cutting edge. Thus, creating the ultimate elite world class brand.

360 Degrees Group,  Inc. will now use Constant Contact, which allows customers to easily create more  engaging online marketing campaigns that will help grow their business. Constant Contact makes it  easy for their Partners to match the right campaign type to client needs, expand the scope of  services, and grow their businesses.  

“Our partners are the consultants, designers, developers, and agencies that provide services tailored  to the needs of small businesses and nonprofits,” said Joe Ribaudo, Director of Channel Marketing,  Constant Contact. “By joining the Constant Contact Partner Program, 360 Degrees Group, Inc. has  demonstrated its commitment to small business success by offering easy access to world-class  online marketing tools and enhanced services to [its/his/her] clients.” 

About 360 Degrees Group, Inc. 


About Direct Human Engagement 

Humanizing The Way, You Reach New Clients through Technology

Direct Human Engagement is one of the oldest forms of marketing. Human Engagement has been around for centuries. It was the first method of marketing that companies had to use in order to be successful.  Human Engagement relies on the company having a personal relationship with their customer.  No matter how advanced technology we get in society, Relationships between Humans will always be the foundation. 

About Constant Contact 

Constant Contact, an established leader in online marketing, simplifies the complex task of  marketing your business, so you can achieve real results and sell more online. Whether it’s setting up  an online store, leveraging social and search features to get new customers, or sending great looking emails with the power to drive more sales, we combine the right tools and advice to help get  the results you want. Plus, our award-winning team of marketing advisors is there for each customer,  every step of the way. For more information, visit: www.constantcontact.com. 

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